Who are we

Aforeserve Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (ATPL) is a subsidiary of Aforeserve.com Ltd. (ACL) ISO 9001:2015,14001:2015, 20000-1:2011 certified organization, offering integrated service management and support to major International, National IT, Telecom OEMs and ODMs over the past 20 years.  

We offer below products & Services under the brand XtraCover

  1. Warranty

  2. Sale of refurbished phones

  3. Repairs of Devices

  4. Buy Back of Devices

What We Do

We Offer Warranty Services on any electronic devices which is present at home. Be it Mobile Phone, Air conditioner, Refrigerator, Television, Washing Machine, Dish washer or a Mixer Grinder. You can extend the warranty, protect it from accidental damages or take a comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract and be worry free.

We want you to save money and at the same time contribute to the environment and hence offer you refurbished phones and Laptops duly tested and certified by QU-Trust at an attractive price along with 1 year warranty.

You can get your laptops and Phones repaired from us either by logging a call online or by visiting our nearest experience center.

Your old phones or laptops never goes for a waste, contribute to the environment by trading it online on XtraCover for an unmatched price and have an assurance that your device will reach the next genuine hand.

Our Offerings


XtraCover is designed to help our customer with extended warranty packs, accidental damage protection, warranty on Out of Warranty mobile phones and laptops and annual maintenance contract on home appliances. Our solutions are designed in a way to maintain a perfect balance of product value chain between the consumer and electronic appliances. Our design will deliver the solutions that guarantee trust, convenience and enhance customer loyalty. Our vision is to deliver the best deals to our consumers and keep their electronic items up to date.

Sale of Refurbished Phone:

XtraCover is an online marketplace selling Certified Refurbished Mobiles, Laptops and Accessories. We make a perfect analysis and quality check of all Mobiles sold on XtraCover through Mobile Health Diagnostics Software called QU-Trust. All Refurbished Laptops and Mobiles sold on XtraCover is covered with 1 year warranty so that you don’t compromise on the life expectation of your device.


XtraCover has a diverse experience of 20 years in repairs for various OEM and ODM like Lenovo, HP, Acer Reliance to name a few. Through our Repairs services we ensure that you get an estimate before our trained and certified technician visits for repairs. The repairs are carried at your door-step for most of the cases where our experienced technician repairs with High Quality Spare parts. For few cases where door step repairs is not feasible the device is brought to our state of the art repair facility spread across 45000 square feet with over 1000 technicians working to ensure that you get the device back working.

Buy Back:

You get instant money as soon as the device is picked by our executives after final evaluation in front of you.


Our stores are technology driven with experience zones where we showcase our products and services for our consumers to have real-time experience and complete transparency. Our stores accommodate a range of services and products like Extended Warranty, Accidental Damage protection and sales of Certified Refurbished mobiles apart from Repairs and Purchase of your device.