Buy Tablets Online at Lowest Price on xtracover

Tablets are the palazzo pants of the mobile world. They are sturdy and useful as a laptop while being just as handy and mobile as a cell phone. With a bigger scene and way more added features, tablets are perhaps the best way to carry your office around in your bags or even pockets. From making presentations to video calling. Tablets have it all in one piece of technology.

But this handy gadget can end up being an extremely expensive one if you do not look around and research well enough! After all, prices of electronics are on a hike these days! And if you are looking at the good one’s (with cellular data, wifi and calling) then you better be prepared to save up for it. 

But what if I tell you that there is one site that is your way to your dream phone without having to cut a big hole in your pockets? For this article, we compiled a list of some of the best deals we could find on some tablets on But before that, let us dive a little into the website first. With being the fastest growing website of its kind, xtracover has a huge range of electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops, to name a few) belonging to different categories, namely, Refurbished, Pre-Owned, Box Opened and also Brand New which you can choose from based on what really suits your budget and requirements. Speaking from personal experience, Refurbished products are the ones that work the best for me. They are literally new phones at almost throwaway prices, but again, it really just depends on from person to person and what they want their go to the gadget to have. 

So here it goes-

1. Samsung galaxy Tab 3 for just 9,000 Rupees

Samsung is probably one of the best-known names in the cell phone industry so it is same to assume that the tablet (originally at the price of almost 20,000 Rupees) is nothing but a dream come true at such a giveaway price!

2. Samsung galaxy Tab 2 for just 9,000 Rupees

This was probably one of the best-sold tablets by the company so give it a try, it is sure to not disappoint!

3. HP Slate 7 2800 at just 7,000 Rupees

HP produces or manufactures what can probably be called the best laptops - the handiest and user-friendly at an extremely affordable cost! So it is safe to assume that this tablet is nothing but one of the best in the market, especially at such a giveaway price!

4. Micromax Canvas Tab P70221 at just 4,000 Rupees

Nope, this is not a joke. Let us just say sometimes dreams do come true. And sometimes, websites like make them come true!

5. Lava QPAD R704 at just 7000 Rupees

This brand has made a name for itself in the cell phone industry so it is okay to assume that this tablet is going to be nothing but worth the price! Give it a try!

And these, are just a few products out of the massive range that they have on their website! So, if you are a tech geek who likes to have all kinds and sorts of gadgets, go check their website out! They sure have some amazing (and vintage) products on display!