What is BBG (Buyback Guarantee)

XtraCover BBG is an assurance that you get at the time of purchase of a new device towards the value you will get when you sell your device after usage. XtraCover provides an assured buyback value to it's registered customers for devices which are registered and sold after a period of 3 months and within 3 years. Thus, you get to know the sale price of your device at the time of purchase despite the market fluctuation in Price or Model getting discontinued. You can upgrade to a device by availing of the value paid by XtraCover and just invest in the differential amount.

All this comes while you are sitting in the comfort of your home. Once you place a sale request, we will pickup the device from your home and transfer the amount in your bank account within 7 days.

Why us?

Get Assured Value of your Device

Know the value of your device at the time of purchase only

Door Step Service

Sell Your Device with the comfort of your home

Best Price Guaranteed

Best Price for your device after the mentioned period

Get Paid even if the device is defective

Get Paid for the device even if the same is defective with SellNCash

FAQ | Terms & Conditions

A buyback guarantee is a paid offering that provides an assured Buyback value for your phone or laptop. At the time of the sale of your phone or laptop (registered under the program), you simply get in touch with Xtracover to claim your Buyback Guaranteed price

This is best for shoppers who like to upgrade to the latest smartphone or laptop.

The Buyback Guarantee can be purchased on select smartphones or laptops for a nominal fee. It assures you a Buyback value for your phone or laptop. Please view the terms and conditions

  • This voucher assures you of a pre-determined value for buyback of the device purchased and registered by you.
  • The buyback assurance is only for devices sold with a valid invoice. The buyback price will be calculated basis the base price of the device, excluding GST.
  • The buyback guarantee accorded by this voucher is non-transferable and maybe only redeemed against the registered device that is tracked by the device IMEI / Serial number(s).
  • The buyback guarantee will be valid ONLY if the grade of the device is as-it-was at the time of purchase. For grade details, visit www.xtracover.com
  • The buyback offer may be availed between 3-12 months from the date of purchase of the brand-new device. The date must match with a valid invoice of purchase of the device. The invoice value cannot be greater than the MRP of the device.
  • The original box, invoice, & accessories must be handed over at the time of claiming buyback. In case these are not available, an appropriate deduction in buyback value will be done as per XtraCover.
  • The device's body, screen, & accessories should not be damaged and must be in working condition at the time of claiming buyback. Screen lock & passwords must be cleared at the time of claiming buyback.
  • If the device is found to be locked, the validity of the buyback claim will be void.
  • To register your buyback assurance, visit www.xtracover.com/buyback within 15 days of purchase of the refurbished device, this date must be backed up by a valid invoice.
  • For detailed Terms and Conditions & FAQs please visit www.xtracover.com/buyback. All customers are required to read all terms and conditions at the time of the registration of buyback.
  • Brand and model of the old device should match with the original device purchased with the Buyback Guarantee policy
  • The IMEI number of the old device should match with the original device purchased with the Buyback Guarantee Policy.
  • The phone or laptop should switch on and should be in the ON mode for a minimum of 30 seconds without being connected to a charger
  • Phone or laptop screen and the body of the phone or laptop should not be damaged or broken. Products with the following issues will not be picked up:
    • Dead pixels, spots, lines or static on any part of the screen/display
    • Cracks on the screen or light emitting from the side of the screen
    • Cracks on the panel, dents in the body, swollen handsets and devices with missing buttons missing
    • Devices with damaged charging port.
  • Original box, charger, headphones and accessories to be returned are in good condition
  • Screen lock should not be active (all forms of screen lock viz; pattern, pin, password, fingerprint, face recognition, smart lock, etc. need to be deactivated).
  • In case of Apple phones or laptops, iCloud account should be dis-associated/unlocked from the phone or laptop.

As of now, you can only purchase the Buyback Guarantee together with a smartphone or laptop where Buyback Guarantee is available.

Yes, the Guaranteed Buyback amount will be transferred to your bank account.

No, this is not possible.

You can do one of the following: --Keep your old phone or laptop and not claim the Buyback Guarantee --Return your old phone or laptop and get the Buyback Guarantee amount.

Yes, you need to return the original box, charger and accessories along with the phone or laptop to claim the complete Buyback Guarantee value.

The policy will be applicable from the day the invoice is generated for the new phone or laptop.

Yes, as long as you register after you purchase Xtracover Buyback Guarantee.

An Xtracover pickup agent will visit and pick up your old phone or laptop. The executive will inspect the phone or laptop to ensure it fulfils all obligations of the Buyback Guarantee policy.

Yes, nominal pick up charges may be applicable.

No, the Buyback guarantee becomes void.

No, the Buyback Guarantee value would be available only in the specified redemption window. However, you can still avail of the prevailing regular sell back price for your phone or laptop.

No, the policy lapses on the expiry date and may not be extended or reactivated. However, you can still avail of the prevailing regular sell back price for your phone or laptop.

Yes, you can avail of the Buyback Guarantee from all pin-codes where Xtracover offers a pickup facility.

You can avail Buyback Guarantee as long as the new address falls within the pin-codes where Xtracover offers a pickup facility.

No, this policy cannot be transferred from the original policyholder to someone else.